DREAM TEAMS: Alix James | Nielsen Kellerman

Based near Philadelphia with just over 100 employees, Nielsen Kellerman is an award winning manufacturer of both sports performance electronics and environmental instruments.

Alix James, the CEO, sits down with us today to walk us through some pretty impressive facts:

  • They’re competing with China.
  • They’ve won best-places to work awards.
  • This isn’t magic.

“I hear all the time that my job is to ensure that I hire the top 10% of people. Well, every company’s trying to do that. We can’t all hire the top 10%! You can’t!” says James, explaining her hiring philosophy to Zani.

To James, it’s much more effective to hire people who are a behavioral fit for the job to be done. Then, train and mentor them to be the best they can be. It’s a process she dates back to her days of being a rowing captain.

After implementing this talent strategy, Nielsen Kellerman’s turnover rate dropped significantly. Zani and James talk all about it in this episode- watch the whole video to hear her examples and insight.

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