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This guide will walk you through the four aptitudes that make up talent optimization. Each aptitude includes three to four activities (e.g., measure what matters). Each activity is supported by actions you should take to implement talent optimization within your organization.

You can consume this guide in various ways. Read it cover-to-cover or jump in at any point that’s of particular interest to your and your organization.

Many of you, after completing the maturity model assessment, may want to work on improving the areas they scored lowest in. It’s perfectly okay to start there. There’s no right or wrong way to consume this information. What matters is that you absorb what you read—because if you can grasp these concepts and implement them, your organization will soar to new heights.

You can print this guide out and share with others on your team to discuss how you might improve your approach to talent optimization. Use this material to make connections to current situations and behaviors within your teams or company.