Shout Out Amazing Talent Optimizers & Make a Better World

We believe that talent optimization goes beyond creating great company cultures. It also creates richer lives. When someone helps you grow professionally and inspires you to be better, that leads you to be more fulfilled at work. That someone is or has been a great talent optimizer in your life. 

When you recognize such a leader, colleague, someone you follow on social media or anyone else you know who embodies a #BetterWorkBetterWorld philosophy, we’ll commit to donating $10 to Triangle, Inc.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 USD for them before Sep 30.

Why Triangle? Their mission is to prepare people with disabilities for the modern workforce to lead more fulfilled lives— and helping the world realize we are all people with ability. Talk about an alignment of missions!

Are you in?

How to Participate


Make a note of 2-6 people that have helped you be the most fulfilled at work. These could be people at your current job or any past one.


Copy the text from the box below:


Click on the button below to go to LinkedIn and paste the text you just copied into a new post.
Don’t forget to tag the people you made a note of so they know you recognized them and we can count them towards our donation total.

Here's Some Shout Out Inspiration