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When it comes to designing and optimizing your most important (and most costly) business asset—your people—passing the buck is also passing up your biggest opportunity to create a truly great organization. How do you assemble world-class teams? That’s where having an objective methodology and system for optimizing talent comes in.

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Talent optimization empowers entire organizations to align their people strategy with their business strategy for maximum business results. It’s a discipline that should be understood and practiced by leaders at every level of your organization. Read the ultimate guide >

Where to begin

Talent optimization can be learned differently depending on your role at a company. See our recommendations below on where you should begin.

Business Leaders

You’re responsible for delivering business results. The key to high performance is to develop and lead an organization which takes full advantage of highly engaged, high-performing employees. But people decisions are difficult, and you may not have yet found a way to align your people strategy in a way that directly supports your business strategy.

We recommend: Start with the maturity model to evaluate your organization, and then head to the ultimate guide to review the 4-part discipline with a particular focus on design.

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You’re responsible for the career development and growth of your team. You need to select, inspire, and retain your talent to deliver the results that your organization expects from you. So far, you’ve relied on your intuition, and you know people decisions are challenging; you also know that great managers are what keeps people engaged and high performing. Talent optimization will give you the confidence and skills to be a great leaders.

We recommend: Focus on the activities in the hire and inspire aptitudes in the ultimate guide.

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Consultants and People Experts

You’re the expert responsible for bringing talent optimization to your stakeholders. Your goal is to help them make people decisions that directly contribute to business performance, using a disciplined approach and compelling evidence that the path you recommend is the right one for the organization.

We recommend: Review the maturity model to evaluate your stakeholders’ current model, then focus on the diagnose aptitude in the ultimate guide to initiate their journey to talent optimization.

Begin Maturity Model

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Talent optimization is a discipline that can empower you as an HR leader to transform the conversation around talent by putting people strategy into a business context that your executive leadership will understand. 

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