Understand senior team dynamics


Learning goals for this activity

– Know why understanding senior leadership team dynamics is important to talent optimization.
– Be able to list and describe the four steps that promote effective senior leadership.

Why understanding senior leadership team dynamics is important to talent optimization

Your senior leadership team must work well together to execute your strategy, and the best way to ensure team synergy is by understanding team dynamics. Having an awareness of what each leader is good at, and where each leader might need to stretch and develop new skills, is critical. When everyone on the leadership team has this awareness, individual and team productivity blooms.

A well-functioning senior team is also key to establishing your culture and influencing your organizational behavior. When the team at the top takes decisive action and communicates well among themselves—when they demonstrate self-awareness and a willingness to grow—they set the tone for the rest of the organization.   

For your senior leadership team to be as effective as possible, you must:

  1. Consider the senior team as a mini-organization.
  2. Create awareness of senior team member similarities and differences.
  3. Have senior team leaders monitor and manage team culture.
  4. Create flexibility and the ability to adapt to change.

In the inspire section of this guide, we’ll talk about developing self-awareness in leaders at all levels of your organization; refer to that section to implement the four best practices listed above. To get your whole organization’s commitment and full effort, self-awareness must start at the top.