The CEO Benchmarking Report

In January of 2019, The Predictive Index surveyed 156 CEOs, presidents, and chairpeople. They were asked about their top priorities and challenges; where they turn for help on key business issues; and their perspectives on strategy, management, and talent consultants.

Here are the five biggest findings:
1. For CEOs, business strategy development and talent strategy stand head and shoulders above everything else on the priority list.
2. CEOs are right to rank talent strategy as such a high priority; employees are by far their most costly business asset.
3. Four of the top five CEO challenges relate to talent optimization.
4. More CEOs say they need help with talent strategy than business strategy.
5. When it comes to getting help with business strategy and execution, CEOs prefer new processes or playbooks over consultants.

Read the full report for five more findings and more detail on all of them.

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