PLAN WELL & EXECUTE: What is your business story?

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There is power in a compelling story. We hear and sometimes listen to stories all the time. Stories are found in various media, whether it is books, news broadcasts or even video games. Attorneys weave stories in the courtroom and advertisements are a continuing source of stories.

There are stories in business. Allow me to share two stories that were business-specific and impressed me for different reasons.

I was at the corporate headquarters of Predictive Index, a leader in the talent optimization field. According to Predictive Index, โ€œtalent optimization is a four-part discipline that details whatโ€™s required for aligning your business strategy and your talent strategy so you can achieve your desired business results.โ€ I was attending a session designed for certified business partners who, upon completion, would become a component of the marketing channels of Predictive Index.

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