One on One Meetings: The Only Guide Managers Need [Free Template]

One on one meetings, 1:1s, 1 2 1s, one on ones, 1 on 1s, check-ins. Whatever you call them, they’re one of the most powerful tools you have as a manager.

Many managers have one on one meetings with their teams, but too often, they waste them. Status updates, awkward silences, and frequent cancellations are just a few of the symptoms of ineffective one on ones.

So then, where’s the issue? A lack of a good one on one meeting template, or structure, prevents many managers from making the most of their one on one meetings.

If you’re not getting value from your one on one meetings, the difference is usually in your fundamentals. Without taking the right steps before, during, and after each meeting, it’s very easy to have your one on one meetings come up short of their potential.

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