Finding Top Talent: Stop Looking Inside A Box For People Thinking Outside Of One

In the digital age, many companies cite their greatest challenge as the imminent “war for talent”, due to the imbalance of supply and demand, resulting from the widening skill gap. With the speed of change in our workforce increasing, companies see “winning the war” as the only way to stay innovative and ahead of the competition. Their solutions result in ping pong tables, salary wars, and ridiculous inflation within tech hubs, in an effort to attract top talent.

As companies place higher importance on attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent, the kind that always gives you extra discretionary effort, the author wonders whether some companies are missing a big puzzle piece. Are companies that couple their highly developed vetting processes with a need for onsite talent, are not only limiting the sheer number of candidates, but perhaps the best?  When looking for innovative and action-driven talent, why not open doors up to people that have already pioneered their own lives?

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