DREAM TEAMS: Chris Savage | Wistia

No matter what size company you are, you have to codify your culture.

“Your core values democratize what it is to make good decisions at an organization,” says Chris Savage, CEO of Wistia.

At Wistia, the employees live and breathe their values. It’s contagious. This is, in part, due to the fact that the company rewards, hires, fires, and recognizes people based on their values. Anything less than that and the values don’t mean much more than a motivational poster.

We’ve written a lot about this. It’s so important to get your values right. It’s even more important to revisit those values when the strategy changes.

That’s what Chris Savage talks about in this week’s episode of Dream Teams. Don’t miss it.

Based in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Wistia is a video-software company making waves in the video marketing space.

Chris Savage, the CEO, sits down with us this week to discuss how his company’s strategy is pivoting in a big way and how he approached it with his leadership team.

It turns out that this kind of vision requires a big change in process, go-to-market strategy, and perhaps most importantly, values.

“If we’re changing our strategy, we should update our values so that people can make decisions that align with that strategy,” says Savage.

Values are a huge topic here at PI as they drive our day-to-day decisions and inform new people how they should behave. Listen in to this week’s episode of Dream Teams to learn how Wistia implements and enforces values.

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